asitDear Friends, the 22nd of July, 2011 marked a New Era for the NBSA (Nepal Baseball & Softball Association), and I want to thank all of you-not only for having received your approval and your support-but especially for sharing a common vision and recognizing a need for change.


With the Big Earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, there is a need for restructuring and also a need to locate alternative revenue sources. We find the international game of baseball at a crossroads. We need to reunite our community to work as a team and strengthen our relationship with the professional baseball bodies. Greater participation of professional organizations and their players could have a major impact play in our community and would significantly improve the current state of international baseball.


We need to redefine and maximize the value of our tournaments; we must continue to develop baseball, especially in countries where we are less present; we must strengthen and develop women’s softball-a discipline that is involving more and more athletes daily; we must restructure the entire organization of our institution to be more efficient and attentive to the problems and needs of our members; we must demonstrate that baseball/softball is truly a global sport that involves millions of male and female athletes, coaches, fans and families worldwide. It is a sport present on all continents, capable of attracting the attention of newspapers, television and sponsors because of its universality and because it is widespread. It is a sport that shall always embrace and develop in harmony with the Olympic values, and we will all be fully active toward the return of our sport onto the Olympic program. We are also aware that the choices and decisions that the new Executive Committee and I make together will have far reaching effects on the shape and visibility of the organization.


However, this predicament highlights the need for us to work together with all those involved.


Challenges are ahead of us, but I am confident that with support from all of you and my new team, we can overcome this difficult moment. Together we can reconstruct NBSA and establish a new baseball society where each of you plays an integral role. Once again, I thank all of you who supported NBSA and me. It is my hope that your involvement and support will remain steadfast. I encourage all of you to voice your opinions as to our future. The thoughts, comments and suggestions of the international baseball community are always welcomed and encouraged.


Sincerely Yours

Asit SJB Rana